Saturday, May 19, 2012

The HAYDN collection.

New collection...

The "Franz Josef Haydn Collection"...

"DISKLAVIER WORLD" [link] a non-profit, Public-Service, 9,038 files!


  1. THANK YOU !!! This is really a GREAT Site ! I am a new disklavier owner (musician as well) and I do appreciate so much everything that you have made available here; BRAVO !!! and keep going! (if I may make a suggestion it would be nice to have a precision for the files (unless stipulated in the folder as you have done for some) if they have been recorded live or not, because there is spo much a difference... but maybe that is a complicated task...) THANKS AGAIN!

    1. For the most-part, the "live" performances are distinguishable by simply listening for the human qualities of the playback - since "sequenced" pieces tend to be somewhat more "mechanical". N'est-ce pas? (Etes-vous Quebecois? Belge? Suisse ou Français? L'emploi du mot, 'precision'... est plutot un choix de mots, provenant d'un francophone.)