Saturday, June 2, 2012

The e-Competition Collection.

New collection...

The "Disklavier e-Competition Collection"...

A comprehensive collection of the "LIVE PERFORMANCE" files (notably, those of the Award winners), from 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009 - in both MIDI and eSeq formats (MID & FIL), as well as complete cross-reference-lists of the titles.

"DISKLAVIER WORLD" [link] a non-profit, Public-Service, 9,310 files!


  1. What a gift you offer !
    I play these midi pieces on psr 3000, amplified on my computer... a (quasi) perpetual delight. Because a lot of pieces are unknown to me, I follow them on the provided lists. Unhappily, The diskclavier IV one is unavailable. Despite several searches on the net, I did'nt find any. Can you tell me where to find one ?
    Whatever should be your answer, I thank you sincerely for these treasures of music.

    Bruno V.

  2. You won't find those SONG-LISTS anywhere else. The DISKLAVIER Blog and website are (combined), a "one-of-a-kind". To the best of my knowlwedge, the most complete PIANO source amywhere. I am the sole contributor. I shall srive to complete the "missing song-list", as soon as is possible...